Imperceptible Treasure


This exhibit reveals a collaboration of digital and physical worlds that gradually comes down to one beginning. It is a triumph of the greatest union ever - human and nature.

The main object of the exhibition is salt and its mysterious history. Why are our tears salty? Why do people add salt to their food? Is it just for taste or does our body really need it? Using salt has become as common as drinking water. But this little mineral consists of a great history, essential element to all biological creatures, an indispensable source for almost all fields in human life and great spiritual impact. Precisely this formed the base and essence of the Temple of Salt.

The exhibition took place at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. The idea was to make space sacred and mysterious according to the atmosphere of the temple. Main treasure is a 3D printed lattice structure of salt with a real grown crystals on it. Next to it, you can see 2 pedestals with a glass of seawater and bowl full of proverbs about salt exist in all cultures. Behind there is a video work which represents the process of forming a digital crystal with its projection on a ceiling. Around there are 4 posters-icons with modernized symbols from different religions.

Poster for the exhibition

The Temple of Salt

Symbolic posters

Glass of seawater

proverbs about salt

3D printed lattice structure with grown crystals

Process book